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Visions & Fashion: Capturing Style 1980-2010

Adelheid Rasche, Jan May. Visions & Fashion: Capturing Style 1980-2010 Authors:Adelheid Rasche, Jan May.
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Book Summary:
Designing fashion and depicting it are virtually synonymous activities to those of us used to seeing photographs of celebrities sporting the season's choice garments, or lavish fashion shoots in which the set plays as prominent a role as the clothes. But the staging of fashion is its own art, with a prestigious history. Visions & Fashion looks at photography, fashion illustration and music videos from the past 30 years, assessing the current state of the art of visually dramatizing clothing. A range of media are considered, from fashion magazines and poster campaigns to the internet. Visions & Fashion includes works by Miles Aldridge, Ruben Alterio, Tina Berning, Francois Berthoud, Cem Bora, Michel Comte, Mats Gustafson, Gregor Hohenberg, Francoise Huguier, Katerina Jebb, Antonio Lopez, Christin Losta, Martin Mago, Sarah Moon, Helmut Newton, Rico Puhlmann, Carola Seppeler, Eric Traore, Tony Viramontes and Nancy Wilson-Pajic.

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