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Prague Fashion Houses 1900-1948

Eva Uchalova, Zora Damova, Viktor Slajchrt. Prague Fashion Houses 1900-1948 Authors:Eva Uchalova, Zora Damova, Viktor Slajchrt.
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Book Summary:
Prague Fashion Houses 1900-1948 presents a thoroughly researched overview of the history of Prague's leading fashion houses from the late-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries. It follows the development of the craft of tailoring in Czechoslovakia, as tailors transformed themselves from craftsmen into artists and businessmen, looking at the influence of the Society of Tailors in Prague during the first half of the twentieth century. Above all, it tells the extraordinary stories of the owners of the fashion houses themselves, such as Frantisek Barta, Karel Dedic, Theresa Fleischmannova, Frantisek Matejovsky, Anna Masakova, Marie Hofhanslova, Julius Mertens, Hugo Orlik, Hana Podolska, Oldrich Rosenbaum, Arnostka Roubickova and many others, providing color reproductions of key works of couture for each designer. Archival photographs and ephemera further establish this volume as an unprecedented survey of this rich and under-documented vein in twentieth-century fashion.

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