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Creativity in fashion design students.

Joyce Robin Robinson. Creativity in fashion design students. Authors:Joyce Robin Robinson.
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Book Summary:
The purpose of this study was to examine relationships among environmental influences, changes in domain specific knowledge, and changes in tolerance of ambiguity as well as changes in creativity of individuals majoring in fashion design at four-year universities. This study was based on the confluence theoretical approach which holds that multiple components must connect in order for creativity to occur. This was a quantitative study involving participants from multiple universities with four-year fashion design programs. The study used online surveys to gather data on attitudes, opinions and achievements. Dependent variables were creativity and tolerance of ambiguity. Independent variables included tolerance of ambiguity, family background, and demographic information. The findings revealed: (1) media such as art, music and literature were positively correlated with creativity; (2) parental encouragement was positively correlated with creativity; (3) electronic media, such as...

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