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Victorian Fashions for Women and Children: Society's Impact on Dress

Linda Setnik. Victorian Fashions for Women and Children: Society's Impact on Dress Authors:Linda Setnik.
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Book Summary:
The Victorian era was a time of high morals, cultured manners, and ultra feminine, luxurious apparel. While beautiful to gaze upon, elaborate ensembles were hot, heavy, restrictive, and constricting to the point of discomfort or even injury and disease. Revealed here are the children's and women's clothing, including undergarments, leisurewear, and street apparel from 1860 to 1900. Over 270 photographs provide detailed images of Victorian garments, along with irrefutable evidence of our stalwart ancestors' burdensome apparel. Nineteenth century photographs are supplemented by surviving examples of period clothing, many picturing both the outside and inner construction. This well-researched book not only describes the styles and the differences between these women's and children's fashions, but also explores the reasons women were willing to become such devoted slaves to dress and the health hazards associated with their apparel. The text is based on nineteenth century fashion,...

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