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'De novo modo': The birth of fashion in the Middle Ages.

Laurel Ann Wilson. 'De novo modo': The birth of fashion in the Middle Ages. Authors:Laurel Ann Wilson.
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Book Summary:
In the early fourteenth century a drastic change took place in the clothing of upper-class European men, a change which swept rapidly across Western Europe. The flowing, unisex robes which had formed the foundation of aristocratic clothing for more than two centuries were suddenly replaced by much shorter, tighter clothing, carefully cut and tailored to reveal and emphasize men's bodies and legs. Available types of garments increased greatly, and the pace of change quickened dramatically as well. Most scholars of fashion and dress consider that these events mark the observable beginning of the Western fashion system, but this premise has for the most part been ignored or discounted by medievalists. The result is that a notable development in late medieval society has never been contextualized, nor has it been used as a means of investigating the society in which it took place. ...

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