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Inside Fashion Design, Fifth Edition

Sharon L. Tate, Mona S. Edwards. Inside Fashion Design, Fifth Edition Authors:Sharon L. Tate, Mona S. Edwards.
Publisher:Prentice Hall
Price:8076.3 rub.

Book Summary:
This best-selling book gives readers a close look at the fashion industry from the professional designer's viewpoint. It contains clear and comprehensive coverage and excellent illustrations that examine fashion through the decades and trends of the times. KEY TOPICS Each chapter links stylishly updated visual images with relevant concepts. Coverage of the role of computers and digital technology are integrated into every phase of the design and production process .This reference covers business practice, vocabulary, and industry resources. For economic development researchers profiling the apparel industry, reporters who cover the fashion industry, PR and marketing people new to the fashion arena, and lawyers in civil cases related to apparel production and copyright issues.

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