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Young Fashion Designers

Marta R. Hidalgo. Young Fashion Designers Authors:Marta R. Hidalgo.
Publisher:Taschen, Evergreen
Price:1045 rub.

Book Summary:
What are tomorrow's most important fashion designers working on today? How are they shaping the future of fashion? Within these pages are the answers: profiles of 46 designers whose work defies the established norms, defining new ways of seeing clothing. Though their work has been featured in major fashion publications, their names may not be familiar within the mainstream - yet. Soon enough many of these designers will become household names, but for now we can appreciate their renegade ideas as they are still poised on the threshold of success. This book includes over three thousand original drawings, offering a rare perspective on the creative and artistic process of the designers featured. Издание на английском языке. Формат: 22 см х 26 см.

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