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Shanghai Girl Gets All Dressed Up

Beverley Jackson. Shanghai Girl Gets All Dressed Up Authors:Beverley Jackson.
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Book Summary:
It was within the sensual, cinematic setting of 1930s Shanghai that traditional Chinese fashion changed forever. Call them cheongsam, qi pao, or Suzy Wong dresses?the high-collared, body-clinging, slit-to-the-thigh gowns evolved in a world of dramatic change, where Chinese citizens mingled with foreigners from such cosmopolitan cities as Tokyo, London, New York, and Moscow. In SHANGHAI GIRL GETS ALL DRESSED UP, Asian art-historian Beverley Jackson explores the city that fostered such radical cultural and social change and the daring and fashionable women?including actresses, courtesans, and showgirls?who wore these fabulous and revealing dresses. Twenty luminous photos of cheongsams and Chinese costumes from the author's collection, combined with spectacular archival photographs and art, chronicle the social life and history of a groundbreaking city and the beautiful fashions that were born within its walls. Part history and part fashionable frolic, SHANGHAI GIRL steps...

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