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Essential Fashion Illustration

Maite Lafuente. Essential Fashion Illustration Authors:Maite Lafuente.
Publisher:Rockport Publishers
Price:2823 rub.

Book Summary:
This book's aim is to submerge the reader in the world of illustration. The first section ranges from how to start to draw a human figure to the techniques to stylize and synthesize it. This section provides a large amount of figures in different poses, as well as hands and feet-often the most difficult parts - in diverse postures and angles. However, in the field of fashion it is also essential to know how to draw fabric, and even more important to know how to draw the folds of clothing. The items of clothing are presented as much in technical drawing as in figures in movement, and forming light and shadow is also explained, as this gives quality to the illustration. The second part of the book revolves around color and the different techniques with which one can work: watercolor, wax, pastel, and so on. All the drawings that appear constitute a brief exhibition of the changes that the fashion world has experienced and with this in mind a path has been laid which starts...

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