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Fashion Illustration Next

Laird Borrelli. Fashion Illustration Next Authors:Laird Borrelli.
Publisher:Chronicle Books
Price:2179.5 rub.

Book Summary:
The photograph has long been the medium of fashion, but contemporary illustration is transforming how the industry is presented. Fashion Illustration Next presents the work of nearly forty artists from around the world whose work is changing the way we see fashion, free of model worship and the cult of the photographer. Though it is no shock that the new generation of illustrators makes abundant use of digital media and techniques, the surprising array of results - from high-sheen artifice to fantasy collage to work that looks like "old school" pen-and-ink - represents a rich confluence of styles. More than 200 examples of this cutting-edge work convey a host of moods reflecting the state of the modern world as much as that of the fashion industry, and revealing a tendency toward the erotic, fantastic, introspective, and sometimes sinister. Fashion Illustration Next is the collision of fashion and vision.

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