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Icons Of Fashion: The 20th Century

Edited by Gerda Buxbaum. Icons Of Fashion: The 20th Century Authors:Edited by Gerda Buxbaum.
Price:897.4 rub.

Book Summary:
This book is an invitation to rediscover the history of the 20th century through its fashion. What was en vogue, tres chic, le dernier cri in fashion, "in" and then immediately "out" again? What was an absolute "must"? "Icons of Fashion" offers an overview of the evolution of our "second skin" - beginning with liberation from the constricting corset, through the glory and misery of pre-war and post-war fashions, to the "anything goes" situation of today. The inescapable presence of great names such as Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Donna Karan, and Miuccia Prada, the undiminished topicality of perfect clothes and fashion trends from New Look to High-Tech Chic, plus photographs by the most famous photographers, give this volume the glamour this theme deserves. ‘ормат: 19,5 см x 24,5 см.

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