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Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing

Erika Stalder. Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing Authors:Erika Stalder.
Publisher:Orange Avenue Publishing
Price:1500.9 rub.

Book Summary:
"Recognizing fashion styles and trends is one thing; putting them together in new and interesting ways is an altogether different animal. This handy guide helps with both the recognition of fashion dos and don'ts as well as with the development of new - and true - personal styles. It is part history, part fashion adviser, part shopping manual, and all fun. Each item of female clothing, from dresses to accessories to pants to underwear, is covered, with great black-and-white and color illustrations. Sections for each garment include what it looks like, the designer who first introduced it, celebrities who made it hot, and how it can be worn today. Who would have thought that parachute pants could be made rockin'? This would make a good addition to browsing collections, especially in larger libraries and those that have an abundance of fashion-forward or aspiring-designer teens". Charli Osborne, Oxford Public Library, MI

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