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Tips On How To Keep Your Car Awning Running For Long

It is everyone’s hope when investing in a car awning that it will last. The expected time frame for the fabric is 10-15 years while the hardware should last up to 25 years. To ensure that your awning hits that time frame, you should ensure it is well maintained. These are some of the tips you can use to help you maintain the awning.

clean regularly

Regularly cleaning your car awning is a must if you want it to have a long lifespan. Cleaning the fabric will help getting rid of debris, dirt and twigs which will damage the fabric when it stays for long. You should clean the awning annually as recommended, but for improved results, you can as well go for twice a year.

You need to use the appropriate equipment when doing the cleaning. Use the soft bristle brush to clean the fabric as the hard bristle one can damage it. Use soap and other detergents to help removing stubborn dirt. You should also clean the hardware when doing the regular cleaning.

For better cleaning, you can seek the services of a commercial cleaning company. You can find them by searching from the several available online. Look at the reviews and comments to help you in decision making. Other sources of good cleaning companies are your friends and other networks. This to ensure credibility.

You can use a ladder to access the topmost parts.

Train your staff

To avoid the need for costly repairs or replacing the car awning altogether, you need to make sure the staff is well trained on how to do the cleaning. You should train them on proper landing of awning structures, thorough cleaning and general services. You should also make sure everyone of them knows where the remote is kept, and how best to keep it safe.

You should also develop an easy to follow step by step guide to help the staffs learning better. Prepare them on how best to respond to emergencies. This follows that they should know the number to call in case of emergency and for other general cleaning services.

Carry out regular servicing

To help maintain the awning, you should from time to time seek the services of a professional. This should be an experienced person who will tell you how best to take care of the awning. One of the tips they will give you is on how to realign the cover for easy rolling. They should also add to you tips on how to lubricate moving parts. As well as helping you in setting the adjustments, cleaning and any other general tips.

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